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Lacefix.com - Invisible shoe lace lock

Never tie your shoes again

The new trend is to make your laces invisible. Our product is easy, innovative, cheap, and good quality but most of all, comfortable! We introduce you Lacefix!

Shoe laces could prove to be quite a problem at times. And you have to admit we all hate it when times like that come. No matter where you are or what you are doing, an undone shoe lace is just as frustrating and not to mention annoying. So take a second and ask yourself. Are you tired of constantly having to do your shoe laces over and over again? Are you tired of having those frustrating knots on your shoe laces that just won’t open? Have you finally had enough? Well then you are in luck. Because we brought for you the perfect product for this very situation! Say hello to Lacefix!

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”

Lacefix is a simple yet very creatively and strategically designed product. Our designers have made sure that along with smooth performance at every possible level. So what does it do basically? Well, simply put, with Lacefix, you won’t have to tie your laces again EVER! That’s right! Just follow the super easy instructions provided and install Lacefix on your show and let Lacefix do the rest for you. Once installed you won’t ever have to take it off or change it again. Pretty awesome right?

Using some very smart engineering we have made our product easy to install, innovative, cost-effective, high quality and not to mention comfortable. So say goodbye to those annoying show lace moments and enjoy a relaxed and comfy life with Lacefix. We strive to set new benchmarks in quality and believe in being there always for our clients.

3 individual packs of Lacefix
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • This will complete 3 pairs of shoes
  • JUST 4,99$ / 1 pair of shoes
6 individual packs of Lacefix
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • This will complete 6 pairs of shoes
  • JUST 3,66$ / 1 pair of shoes
9 individual packs of Lacefix
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • This will complete 9 pairs of shoes
  • JUST 3,33$ / 1 pair of shoes